During the course Working in Fashion Media, one assignment was to do some research into my audience on my social media platforms.  I chose to focus mainly on my Instagram audience.  The most popular photos on my Instagram account are the ones of people as opposed to photos of landscapes or objects.  My most liked photo is a black and white photo of me, shown below.

The majority of my followers are teenagers between 13 and 18, although, I have younger and older followers too.  My followers come from all around the world, mostly from London, UK; Sydney, Australia; Singapore; and also areas in Europe and the USA.  My photos get likes and comments throughout the day because my followers are in different time zones.  Generally though, I think people scroll through Instagram in their mornings and evenings, and spend more time on social media on weekends.

Monitoring and understanding your audience is important if you want to grow your platforms.  Knowing what your followers like and don't like is helpful because then you can adjust your posts to be more eye-catching and compelling to your audience.